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Posted by Alexander Dymo on August 16, 2005

Finally it looks like I'm good to go to aKademy. After 3 visits to Spanish embassy (which is 600 km away from my home), 4 days of making phone calls to the embassy trying just to arrange an interview and 2 days of calling to know the result, I was told that I have my visa. Whew :) Now I just need to go to the embassy and take my documents back.

Also thanks to Trolltech (thank you Harald! :)) and KDE-eV (thanks Mirko and other guys :)) my travel expenses will be reimbursed.

That's going to be cool :) I will be able to spend 5 days (till 1st September) hacking on KDE-Eclipse (I'm starting to like that job;) but that's another blog) and other 4 days hacking on KDevelop4.

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