I'm Alexander Dymo - entrepreneur, Y Combinator alum, free software developer, passionate about programming and engineering, hardcore Linuxoid. To learn more about me, see my resume.

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$6 Discount on Ruby Performance Optimization Book (Paperback) Today on Amazon
Feb 27, 2016
Amazon sells my book today for $30 ($6 off). I just found this myself by accident. Given the unpredictable nature of Amazon, you'd better hurry up and get your book while the sale is still on. Read more... »
My Ruby Performance Optimization Book Is Now In Print
Feb 03, 2016
My Ruby Performance Optimization book is in print! Read more... »
Get 40% Off My Ruby Performance Optimization Book (and Other PragProg Ebooks Too)
Jul 16, 2015
Pragmatic Bookshelf has a sale today through Friday. They give 40% off any ebook when you use code XMASJULY2015 during the checkout. Beta ebooks are also on sale, so it's a good chance to get my Ruby Performance Optimization for just $14.40 (full price is $24). Read more... »

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