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A Hacker and a Tourist in Malaga

Posted by Alexander Dymo on September 01, 2005

This year KDE conference was harder to attend to but we got a series of nice talks. I particularly enjoyed Richard's talk about bindings and Mirko's walk on the dark side (but that's probably because I've been walking on that dark side for more than a month now). The build system BoF was surprisingly fruitful, there were no disagreements and build systems wars at all.

Today I was once again a tourist and woke up early for a city tour. The tour was pretty interesting but too short for my taste so I decided to continue being a tourist and visited Picasso museum. The museum was pretty impressive, lots of original Picasso's paintings are there. Cool! Also did I mentioned that all his paintings contain naked women? ;) Yes, they do, even on those paintings that at the first look contain only lines and triangles, naked women are drawn :)

Ok, enough blogging, shall get back to hacking because I haven't finished yet qmake support for eclipse. Really, I spend too much time talking, eating, drinking, whatever... The "drinking" part is so huge so I managed to got drunk the day before yesterday and forgot my hat and my bag with a bottle of beer (has anyone seen them?). Oh, shame... how much drunk was I to forget a bottle of beer? ;)

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