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KDE at OSDN.UA Conference

Posted by Alexander Dymo on October 02, 2005

Yesterday I attended annual OSDN.UA conference in Kiev, Ukraine. I was talking about KDE4 technology and plans.

I couldn't resist speaking about KDevelop a bit so I revealed some KDevelop4 information ;) Most common questions were "why are you replacing of autotools?" and "what will happen with multimedia?".

After the talk I was communicating with the people and here I'd like to present a short summary.

KDE users asked for a simple way for them to participate in writing documentation. What they did ask IMHO was like offline wiki engine for KHelpCenter. They'd like to be able to put some notes and text into the offline documentation. For example, KDevelop/Automake documentation section is unfinished. Users say they could have finished it (or at least write several centences just to share their experience). But currently they'd need to either modify docbook sources or figure out a documentation maintainer and send him an email with a text. What would users love is a way to put some text/comments into the documentation and then click one button and send a patch with their changes to the documentation maintainer automatically.

Also I talked to ReactOS developer. He said they'd like to have Qt/KDE compiled and used as a default desktop on their operating system. They're compiling the system with MinGW32 compiler so I think Qt4 should work and KDE4 should work as well (when ported to win32).

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