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What a Night!

Posted by Alexander Dymo on May 26, 2006

Yesterday night was one of those rare productive KDevelop hacking nights. Last time I had it several month ago. Looks like I'm getting older ;)

Anyway, I managed to finally introduce "good-enough" keyboard navigation for KDevelop UI. Changes went to the Simple Ideal UI mode (which is now default in KDevelop 3.4).

Of course, you have Ctrl+Alt+Shift+(B|R|L) keys to activate toolviews at the bottom, right and left. But contrary to KMDI, if the toolview is already active and not focused, it will just get the focus, and not close. Also Alt+(Left|Right) is used for both toolview and editor switching depending on which of those have focus.

That's not everything, of course. You can right-click at the toolview button and assign an accelerator number to it and switch to and from the view using Alt+<Number> shortcut (like in IntelliJ IDEA).

I'm not sure those changes solve all keyboard navigation problems we have, but at least 3.4 is going to be an improvement in this area. Expect better UI navigation model from me only for KDevelop 4

PS: did I say that Simple Ideal will store the toolview layout (opened/closed state, sizes)?

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