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My Job Is My Passion or KDevelop Sponsorship!

Posted by Alexander Dymo on June 16, 2006

It does look like I've finally reached the state where my job became my passion. You doubt it's possible? I have a counter-evidence :)

From this very moment Pluron company is starting sponsoring me to work on KDevelop. I'm allowed now to spend part of my work time on KDevelop! That's so increadibly cool! We'll make the announcement soon, but I can't wait to tell about that ;)

In Pluron we develop Ruby/Rails project and of course use KDevelop as our IDE, so my primary target would probably be to make KDevelop4 shine as a Ruby IDE but of course I'll continue my work on UI and other things. This is a good chance to make all the difference ;)

Thanks to Pluron and special thanks to Gleb Arshinov, company founder and great open source supporter who made this possible!

PS: this is a shameless plug, but if you live in Ukraine, passionate about open source, ruby and/or ruby on rails or just look for a cool place to work, consider joining us.

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