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Posted by Alexander Dymo on July 27, 2006

I've recently moved into the new appartment. The move itself was wery taxing and took more than a week (mostly because all my family including grandparents and parents was moving). But we finally made it and now I enjoy my new room. Today I've taken some pictures of alpha version of the room.

New appartment: work place
New appartment: book shelf
New appartment: sofa

Some furniture is not yet there and ADSL connection is still missing but we're in progress ;) At least this "alpha" version is already capable of containing all my library. In my old appartment those books were laying here and there without any chance of finding the book, now things are a lot better!

Now that I'm getting back to the life again I'll start working on KDevelop again. Last week I didn't commit at all and that doesn't make me feel good. I'm going to restore the good old habbit of committing stuff every day again ;)

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