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Traveling the World

Posted by Alexander Dymo on September 22, 2006

I've too tired today to hack and therefore decided to blog a bit. I'm sitting at the Budapest airport waiting for my flight to Dublin which should be my last flight for the next week. And that week I hope to spend in Dublin without any traveling.

Ok, ok. I do like traveling, I like flying but after going from Mykolayiv to Kyiv (500km) to apply to Irish visa, going back home, going to Kyiv again to catch the flight to London, going back from London to Kyiv, then traveling Ukraine with the usual "give me my visa" route again (Kyiv-Mykolayiv-Kyiv-Mykolayiv) I feel like a bit tired ;) I've already covered 6x500=3000 km of Ukrainian territory and I observed each kilometer from the window in the bus! Yeah, yeah, you don't travel Ukraine by plane - it's extremely expensive.

But all that had positive result - I have my visa and I'm already heading Dublin for aKademy! By the way I also visited the RailsConf Europe in London which should really be the topic of my next blog.

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