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The Story About a Gentleman and Two Gardeners

Posted by Alexander Dymo on December 22, 2006

I was reading Aaron's blog and that infamous OSNews article today when the story came into my mind. So I had no other choice other than to dump it out here )

Two gardeners quietly worked on their garden plots preparing them for the winter. Meanwhile one gentleman was passing by. This person more than once used a goodwill of gardeners who gave him the flowers from these gardens that he presented his belowed girlfriend. More recently one of the gardeners gifted him a bouquet from 3 scarlet roses, 5 neat carnations and 5 charming tulips. Another gardener (on old friendship) gave him 2 most surprising lily of the valley with 16 small flowers on a stem apex.

And this time gentleman also visited his fellow gardeners. But they had no flowers for him today. There was a December and all flowers had already finished blossoming. Our gardeners was assiduously working on the ground to grow up new, finer plants in the following year. The gentleman was certainly afflicted, but probably so much that he began to behave completely unpredictable. Having forgotten that literally several weeks ago here he had been done much good, he offended gardeners. He told them that they are exhausted and they have neither flowers nor enough energy to grow up new ones. He also declared that he would go to the nearest flower shop and would buy there any flowers he want. He said two newest, most perfect kinds of flowers ever received in biological laboratories should be on sale there soon. Even allmighty genetic engineering was applied to grow them. Further gentleman hinted gardeners they understand nothing in cultivation of flowers and they need to go to laboratory and to learn from there. He told that the best and most highly paid experts work in those laboratories and gratuitous work in own gardens can never yield the same or better results in any way (not saying that without a laboratory backup it is plain impossible to grow flowers)! Thereafter gentleman left without saying a goodbye mumbling "no, they will NEVER grow SUCH flowers, never, never...".

Gardeners glanced one to another and saw frustration in their eyes. During this one moment the former rivalry for the right to place their best flower on a table in a house of their lady-love was forgotten. And they was both desiring to console each other. Eh! - they said, sympathetically shrugged shoulders and got back to work. And this work soon took up all their attention - they forgot the gentleman, the insult in their hearts thawed out and their mind concentrated on that fine flower which they were going to grow up next year.

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