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RailsConf'07 Post Mortem

Posted by Alexander Dymo on June 02, 2007

RailsConf this year was huge. About 1600 people were there who paid incredibly high amount of money for the entry. And (like last year) it was again a show with Chad Fowler playing balalaika (or what was that instrument), Ze Frank amusing auditorium with his keynote and of course Dave Thomas again talking nonsense ;)

What is really noticeable is that Rails community became bigger and more pragmatic. We've got only two talks of "is Rails ready for the Enterprise" kind and both of them were not really about the subject. That's surely a good sign, but that's also a sign that the whole Ruby/Rails grew and will start loosing this aura of cool hacker's toolchain.

Not that I care about that much because I still think Ruby and Rails are powerful technologies that allow us to enjoy what we're doing but... this year is about time to start looking at others. People following Reddit might already have the impression Haskell is going to be the new hacker's toy. And maybe it will, who knows... It looks like in the next year we'll see some articles about "is Haskell ready for the Enterprise?" :) Heh... I'd better start fighting with my distaste for functional programming ;)

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