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Something Is Rotten in the State Ukraine

Posted by Alexander Dymo on September 22, 2007

Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but Ukraine is approaching another round of parliament elections. As we didn't have enough elections recently! And once again, three major forces participate and again as arrogant and hostile they are, they try to be good now and evince at least some care about Ukraine and Ukrainians:

Here's how they care about Ukraine

But look at the pictures, look carefully, look closely. Maybe you'll see what I can't see there. Maybe I'm blind, but what I see is only lots, lots of white, orange and blue flags that belong to our celebrated political parties. And what I don't see is Ukrainian flags! There're none. No flag of the country and people they are so selflessly fighting for.

These pictures alone clearly show how much our parties care about Ukraine... Imagine how many other proofs we have here ;) Do we need these guys in parliament? Several years in a row my answer was "no!". This year I say "stay away from this country!".

Photos are copyright UNIAN. Links: 1, 2, 3

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