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My Ruby Performance Optimization Book Beta Is Out

Posted by Alexander Dymo on April 03, 2015

I'm excited to announce that the beta release of my Ruby Performance Optimization book beta is out! The ebook is available from Pragmatic Bookshelf for just $24. Click the "Buy Now" link below to get the ebook in 3 DRM-free formats (optimized for reading from screen, phone, and Kindle) directly from the publisher.

Why You Should Read This Book

This book is the first comprehensive guide to Ruby optimization. You will learn how to write faster Ruby code of course. You should be able to get the 2x-7x speedup with the advice from the book.

But that's just the beginning. After reading the book, you'll know how to optimize the slow code even when none of the advice works. You'll learn how to use the Ruby CPU and memory profiler to figure out what exactly is slow. You'll master the performance benchmarking to make sure your optimization works. And you'll understand how to write performance tests to maintain the desired level of performance after optimization.

Finally, you'll see what really makes the Ruby code slow, and how to deal with that by tuning the execution environment and garbage collector.

What Is Missing In This Beta

Final chapters on tuning up the execution environment and the Ruby garbage collector are still in development.

But if you order the beta book now, there's a good chance you'll get them even before you finish reading the already completed chapters. The plan is to release a new chapter every couple of weeks.

In any case, once you buy the beta book, you'll get the updates, and also the final version of the book (ebook only) for free.

What About Ruby on Rails Optimization

One of the chapters is dedicated to Rails optimization techniques. But all of the other content is also directly applicable to Rails, especially, chapters on performance benchmarking, testing, and execution environment tuning.

I Need Your Feedback

Beta book is an exciting opportunity for me to get your feedback. I can still change anything in the book, and add new content. So, if you feel anything is missing, or not explained properly, please let me now. You can either email me or post the message to the book forum.

Is It OK to Buy The Beta Book

It's called beta simply because I haven't finished the last 2 chapters out of 10 yet. The other content is ready. And, you'll get the final book anyways, so get the beta and start optimizing right now!

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