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My Ruby Performance Optimization Book Is Now In Print

Posted by Alexander Dymo on February 03, 2016

My Ruby Performance Optimization book is in print!

Honestly, it's old news. I was so excited to get the book out and ruby-performance-book.com up that I forgot to announce it here on my personal blog.

I'm proud to say that my Ruby Performance Optimization is the first book on Ruby and Rails performance that actually teaches performance optimization and is not a mere collection of tips and tricks.

See why you should read the book and make sure to read excerpts about what makes ruby code fast, how to optimize your iterators, and analyze/compare measurements using statistics.

Printed book costs $36. Make sure to check Amazon before you buy. They sometimes sell it for $30. There are also many offers for used books around $20. I don't really know where they come from. So if you buy one, please let me know how well that went.

Of course you can stil buy an ebook in epub, PDF, and Kindle (mobi) formats for just $24.

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