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KDevelop Conference. Day 1-5

Posted by Alexander Dymo on July 06, 2005

Despite the conference day started very early we still couldn't start the event in time. Approximately at 10:00 we started. We was torturing our visitors till 18:00 and finished almost in time. Before we finished Ian got his luggage therefore we were able to finish the rest of day drinking Tequila. I think Ian has some really embarrassing pictures of me and Roberto taken during this process :)

Next day we went to the hacking session place, downloaded qt4 and kdelibs4 and started porting kdevelop. This process in ended in the night with KDevelop4 running without any plugins on KDE4. This was quite an achievement so we decided not to continue hacking and spent the rest of the night drinking vodka.

Getting up in the morning was really hard on the third day but we managed to do that and continue porting. This day KDevelop had several plugins ported, Roberto continued working on his parser generator (which is a really cool thing btw ;)). I got kyzis running in KDevelop4. Richard had fun with Ruby grammar and Jens finally made us discuss Quanta/KDevelop integration issues.

Next day I was serving as a city guide :) We walked over almost all cool places in Kiev, visited lots of places and finally about 20:00 we ended up hacking on KDevelop again :) The day was really productive. Roberto wrote ast generator and refactoring engine for his parser generator. Ian started to provide support for qmake from Qt4 in KDevelop3. I updated the documentation plugin to support Qt4 documentation and joined Ian in his effort to improve qmake support.

The fifth day was taxing. I and Jens went to the train station to buy tickets for us. We spent more than an hour waiting in two queues but finally we got our tickets. This day we spent on porting more parts of KDevelop and Roberto and Harald started to improve our projectmanager and other plugins using model/view architecture. At the late night Ian got his improved qmake manager running and said we should have more such meetings. I couldn't disagree with him ;)

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