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KDevelop Conference. Day -2, Day -1

Posted by Alexander Dymo on July 02, 2005

When I came to Kiev I didn't realise how much stuff I have to do. The conference preparations took all my time which was spent on arranging meetings with people, printing booklets, announcements and badges. That was really interesting experience for me but now I wouldn't reccommend anybody to undertake such things like conference (especially when you're the only person responsible for that ;) ).

Now I can imagine how much stuff is being done by people working on organizing Kastle/aKademy meetings :) Those guys should really be busy preparing such cool events.

So, talking about the "day-2". I didn't notice it ended because I fall asleep probably just after going back from the city to the place I'm living ;).

Next day in the morning I had an interview at the Canadian embassy. I was applying for visa because I was accepted as a speaker on DesktopCon and LinuxSymposium (17-24 July). Of course, I will be speaking about KDevelop - what else can be expected from me? :)

Canadian embassy impressed me much - I got a visa just in one day. That never happened to me before :). I mean other embassies used to process my application one-two weeks and I was forced to come two-three times.

After I got my visa, I started arranging other conference-related things. That took too much time and therefore I was late to the airport to meet Harald Fernengel and Roberto Raggi. Thankfully, the arrivals queue was really large in the airport and Harald and Roberto managed to get through it only after 1.5 hours waiting. Ian Geiser had more interesting experience of arriving with the wrong flight without his luggage. I must admit he was ok even without the luggage. The only thing he missed was the bottle of Tequilla that was somewhere in his luggage :) Only Richard Dale arrived without problems.

Despite everybody was tired, it was decided to replace Tequilla with a Vodka and that helped a lot to overcome the "tired" state :) The only side-effect Vodka had was that we had 3 hours to sleep before the conference. Of course we could sleep two hours more but nobody had even started their presentations that time ;) So we woke up at 6:00, prepared our presentations and went to the conference place but... that's another story...

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