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Ruby. Syntax. Taste

Posted by Alexander Dymo on May 02, 2006

Oh, Ruby has become a hot topic on KDE blogs again :) Let me also join with my 2 kopiykas.

My taste of programming languages tells me Python is not good for me. I don't want to claim here Python is bad, it's just not the language of my choice.

There are two good things about Ruby. First - when I've started learning both Python and Ruby year ago Ruby was perceived "cool". Today I work on Ruby (and Rails) projects half-time and the language is still "cool". There's nothing like this feeling to be commited to something cool :) Good advertising you say. Yep, pretty good but there's also something inside me telling Ruby is cool ;) Cornelius described that feeling in a more precise way.

The second good thing I found about Ruby is syntax. Surprise! Looking at the blogs and comments most people complain about perlish syntax. It's probably possible to write perlish code in Ruby but I barely see anyone does it. For example, what's wrong with Richard Dale's code?

Honestly, syntax matters were the first to take my attention away from Python. I like def initialize more than def __init__(self):. I also like code blocks ending with end and not just backward indentation. Writing self.foo disturbs me more than @foo. My list of preferences is long :)

Ok, I'm sure Python is a great language but I like Ruby more!

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