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Summer of KDevelop Code: The Last Call!

Posted by Alexander Dymo on May 02, 2006

The deadline for Google SOC applications is really soon (TM) so I'm here to invite you to join KDevelop team this summer and have a lot of fun!

We have a lot of interesting proposals in our website for you and apart from C# support they are all still free.

If you are student, KDevelop user and know programming - join! Don't worry about KDevelop codebase being large. It's modular and we will give as much help as we can.

The greatest project proposals are "Unified code/header editing" and "Next-gen version control" but you're free to make your own. Everything that is about programming language parsing, code completion and refactoring is always welcome! Support for a build system of your choice also looks like a good project to hack on.

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