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I'm speaking at RailsConf 2014

Posted by Alexander Dymo on March 11, 2014

RailsConf is in Chicago this year and I thought I have to attend. Especially because I live across the river from Sheraton where the conference is held.

I recently did a lot of work involving optimization of Rails applications and upgrading them to Ruby 2.1 so I thought I'd share my knowledge on that with the community. And I'm proud to announce that I was accepted as a speaker. This is my session:

Improve Performance Quick and Cheap: Optimize Memory and Upgrade to Ruby 2.1

You spend big money on servers or Heroku dynos? Your app exceeds hosting's memory limit? Your background processes can't keep up with the work? Your cache invalidation code is too complex? Then it's time to optimize the code.

Join this session to learn why memory optimization is the #1 thing you can do to improve performance. Understand how to optimize memory. Find out what difference Ruby 2.1 makes and what to do if you can't upgrade. Get to know optimization tools and processes.

Why memory optimization is important. Real world experience:

Ruby 2.1 performance:

80-20 rule of Ruby and Rails performance optimization:

Memory optimization strategies:

Memory measurements and profiling:

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