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My RailsConf 2014 Presentation Slides

Posted by Alexander Dymo on April 26, 2014

RailsConf 2014 is over and I'd like to thank conference organizers for the great event. I'd also like to thank everyone who attented my presentation. It was an honor to present to you. Here are the presentation slides and a short interview with me.

Here's what people say about the presentation:

I attended the rails conf in Chicago and enjoyed your presentation. It was very thoughtful and helpful, something that we generally do not pay attention to.
— Munish Gupta, Sr. Principal Software Engineer at Spokeo

There will be a video of my talk and one more interview by UGtastic. I'll keep you updated on those.

If you weren't at RailsConf and wondering what I spoke about, please see the presentation abstract and outline here.

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