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KDevelop in Facebook Open Academy Results

Posted by Alexander Dymo on May 15, 2014

Open Academy has ended. All my 3 students successfuly completed the program and their assignments. I gave them positive evaluation and I'm looking forward seeing more contributions from them in the future. Here are our results.

David Stevens was really productive this year. His biggest achievements are virtual override completion, implement function completion, and adjust signature helper for KDevelop-Clang plugin.

Virtual Override Completion
Implement Function Completion
Adjust Signature Helper

Todd Nowacki took over the KDevelop outputview tool. He added buttons to jump to next/previous output mark and fixed links to files in CMake output. He also helped Jørgen Kvalsvik with the missing include completion in KDevelop-Clang plugin. At this point he's working on move to source refactoring that I hope he'll finish after Open Academy program ends.

Thanks to Michael Ferris, new application wizard now allows special characters in project name. It also lets you select new project name and location separately. But most importantly, he added function and variable renaming refactoring to KDevelop-Clang plugin.

I'd like to thank my students for the their work and dedication. I hope to see KDevelop getting more students from Facebook Open Academy program in the future.

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