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Signed with Pragmatic Bookshelf To Write My Ruby Performance Book

Posted by Alexander Dymo on September 18, 2014

Great news on my Ruby Performance book. First, I have signed with the Pragmatic Bookshelf to write and publish it. Second, the book itself is well underway.

I actually signed the contract with the publisher back in May, but kept things silent until I make a substantial progress with the book.

I'm glad I went through the publisher route for the book. For a newbie writer like me they provide a ton of value. Of course, I get to work with an outstanding editor who fixes my writing and teaches me to express my thoughs better. But there's more. They have an in-house process that forces you to rethink the book in general and restructure your content. End result is that each chapter from the book has a tangible value for the reader. Looking back, I see how my first two chapters I wrote before May were just a pile of poorly organized content that didn't really teach anything useful.

The publisher also adds motivation. Remember that "carrot and stick" thing? So now I have both. My carrot is the number of people I have on the book's mailinglist. And PragProg pokes me with their stick with schedule and milestones. Writing is hard. Without the stick I would procrastinate more than write.

But I like carrots too, so if you're interested in knowing more about Ruby and Rails performance, signup for the book's mailinglist here.

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